Plus, read on to find out more about his marriage to Angie King, and their amicable divorce. While many of her followers left positive comments, acknowledging the importance of self-care, some fans speculated that the tweet might have been related to the rumors surrounding her relationship problems with her boyfriend. Fans noticed her videos have been filled with references to her past relationship with Hossler and have been interpreted by fans as throwing shade at her ex boyfriend. Furthermore, there have been no details about Koy’s new girlfriend. Neither the Washington native comedian has confirmed anything about a new relationship nor has the tipster provided other information to Deuxmoi. On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Deuxmoi took to their Instagram stories to give a new update about the American comedian’s relationship.

Handler and Koy both have strong backgrounds in reality TV and stand-up comedy, but in recent years they have both found new success in the streaming age. Koy has three stand-up specials streaming now on Netflix and appearances in several other productions there, while Handler’s latest special is on HBO Max. Here’s a look at what we know about these two comedians and their love life together. “If I fell in love at the age of 46, I have hope for every person in this world,” the comedian joked Monday night. Like many romances, Handler and Koy knew each other long before they began dating, and their love story is adorable.

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If anyone can get through to Britney it might be Cade, as they two have been fiercely close for more than two decades, including the duration of her 13-year conservatorship. He’s said to be one of the few people that the pop star actually trusts. “Cade wants to see Britney get back to doing what she loves to do, as she is a talented artist,” the source said. Chelsea Handler has publicly declared that she’s “finally in love.” Asked whether the two exes are still in touch, Koy said, ‘Yeah … That’s all.” He then refrained from revealing who pulled the plug on the relationship, calling it a “private” matter.

Handler and Koy were friends for years before they started dating. Initially, she didn’t believe in the idea of “friends-to-forever,” but things changed after she and the comedian started their relationship. Speculation had linked the comedian and talk-show host to Koy for a while but since she’s finally confirmed their relationship, her fans want to find out more about Handler’s new boyfriend.

Suffered Lots of Concussions …

They started texting and having COVID-safe hangouts and eventually started FaceTiming regularly as well. She has hosted the late-night talk show Chelsea Lately on the E! Chelsea headed to Los Angeles in hopes of starting an acting career at the age of 19. She eventually switched her focus to comedy and began performing stand-up at clubs around the city.

He has a close relationship with his son and even dedicated his book “Lights Out” to him. The entertainer was previously married to his ex-wife, Angie King — with whom he shares his son, Joseph, 19. While he makes a generous amount of money, he is generous with it, too. He started the Jo Koy Foundation in 2009 and has thrown events to help raise money for The Children’s Hospital of Orange County. “I mean, there has to be some accountability, you know what I mean? Like, from him about what happened, because it was just ridiculous,” Handler, 47, said on Brooke Shields’ “Now What?

Despite the divorce, both of them respect each other and are on good terms too. Koy’s ex-wife even wished him a happy birthday on his 50th while acknowledging him as her best friend. The statement clarifies that they still have immense respect for each other. When asked if he’s ready to get back into dating, Jo explained that his current focus is on work and his latest film Easter Sunday.

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Long after he got divorced, Jo began dating Chelsea Handler, who had been his best friend. Even though Jo was on Chelsea’s late-night talk show, Chelsea Lately, a lot from 2007 until it ended in 2014 they didn’t start dating until 2021. Page Six broke the news last month that Handler and Koy were dating after they were spotted canoodling at a Dodgers game.

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In a 2020 interview with Windy City LIVE, Jo explained how lucky he was to have the relationship he does with his ex. Talking about their divorce, he said it was hard initially but got easier over time. “The older we got, we understood that we’re best friends, and this is the best thing we could have done for our kid. He’s so happy because of it,” said Jo. Handler and Koy appeared on the Valentine’s Day episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about their respective comedy tours and their relationship.

During an interview with TMZ, Koy gushed about Handler and the day they went to the Dodgers game. Handler’s claim to fame was her half-hour late-night talk show on E! Called Chelsea Lately, where she and other comedians would riff on current events and sometimes record a sketch.

In September 2022, Koy was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show where he confirmed that the pair are still friends. Chelsea Handler has spoken out about her split with Jo Koy to say she’s sick of talking about the breakup. In fact, there came a point where the friends rarely saw each other, but during quarantine that changed when he asked her to pen an intro for his book, “Mixed Plate.” Then they were back in each other’s orbit. And although she admitted, “That’s not the most romantic way to frame it,” she added that her relationship with Koy is proof that you need to “make sure you’re keeping your eyes open” for people already in your life. If she hadn’t done that, she might still view Koy with the same “brother energy” she once did, because he reminded her so much of her late brother Chet, who passed away in 1984, and she felt so safe around him. Eventually they moved past the who-liked-whom argument and focused on what they can agree on — that these days everything about their love is mutual, and that’s something Handler wasn’t so sure she’d ever find.

It’s no surprise Jo has been able to handle the split so amicably, as he has a beautiful relationship with his ex-wife and the mother of his son Angie King. During the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Angie invited Jo to live on the same property as she and their son so they could all be together. Jo has been open when talking about where he and his ex, Chelsea Handler, stand.

In his new 74-minute special, Jo talks about his experience with the pandemic, sleep apnea, his teenage son and his mother. The 50-year-old stand-up comic shared a selfie showing an unmasked Handler cuddling up to him. He didn’t provide any commentary but did tag her; however, she didn’t repost. An additional source had previously told the celebrity gossip text site that Handler and Koy were recently “spotted making out” in Montecito, California. “Saw Chelsea Handler on the big screen and obvi googled the two of them. Then saw him kiss a blonde next to him (she is masked so it’s hard to tell).” Handler admitted she probably had feelings for Koy when he appeared on “Chelsea Lately” but was “suppressing” them.