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The wishful thinking is that we are more closely related to bonobos than to common chimpanzees. The Margaret Mead in us feels closer to this gentle role-model than to the patriarchal, monkey-butchering chimpanzee. Unfortunately, however, like it or not, we are exactly equally close to both species.

Moreover Yuan Shih-kai had also shown in his selection and use of foreign Advisers, that he was determined to proceed in such a manner as to advertise his suspicion and enmity of Japan. Similarly, it was perfectly well-known that Yuan Shih-kai was spending large sums of money in Tokio in bribing certain organs of the Japanese Press and in attempting to win adherents among Japanese members of Parliament. Remarkable stories are current which compromise very highly-placed Japanese but which the writer hesitates to set down in black and white as documentary proof is not available. The Japanese having captured Kiaochow by assault before the end of 1914 decided to accept the view that a de facto Dictatorship existed in China. Therefore on the 18th of January, 1915, the Japanese Minister, Dr. Hioki, personally served on Yuan Shih-kai the now famous Twenty-one Demands, a list designed to satisfy every present and future need of Japanese policy and to reduce China to a state of vassalage. During the eighties, and in a lesser degree in the nineties, Japan had apart from everything else been content to act in a modest and retiring way, because she wished at all costs to avoid testing too severely her immature strength.

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Being openly backed by the agents of the Foreign Powers, he immediately received large cash advances which enabled him to extend his power in so many directions that further argument with him seemed useless. Very slowly the problem developed, with everyone exclaiming that foreign intervention was becoming inevitable. With the beginning of 1913, being unable to delay the matter any longer, Yuan Shih-kai allowed elections to be held in the provinces.

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The teleost fish are the great success story among modern vertebrates — there are some 23,500 species of them. They are prominent at many levels of underwater food chains, in both salt and fresh water. They have managed to invade hot springs at one extreme, and the icy waters of the Arctic seas and high mountain lakes at the other. They thrive in acid streams, stinking marshes and saline lakes.

OP says they don’t use LinkedIn except for occasional job searching, so like…literally nothing is going to be different from week to week. By the third or fourth time you checked my LinkedIn, I’d expect anybody with a reasonably decent memory to already have sufficient information about my background – and by the sixth or seventh time, you could probably write the thing near-verbatim off your head. But if you really want to stand on your own, the only way to do it IMO would be to establish yourself professionally as an equal—which probably means becoming a lawyer and working really hard until you’ve built your own reputation independent of your dad. I’m sorry to say that as long as you’re a paralegal working for your dad’s firm, you’re always going to be Dad’s Kid, even though you got that job by being legitimately good at it.

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The great misunderstanding of the Second Law is to assume that there is a driving urge towards some particular goal state of disorder. It is just that there are far more ways of being disordered than of being ordered. If the books are shuffled at random by sloppy borrowers, the library will automatically move away from the state that anybody would recognise as ordered. Rather, the library meanders in some random direction away from the initial state of high order and, no matter where it wanders in the space of all possible libraries, the vast majority of possible pathways will constitute an increase in disorder. Similarly, of all the evolutionary pathways that a lineage could follow, only one out of a vast number of possible pathways will be an exact reversal of the path by which it has come into being.

You might be thinking that being seniors might be less prone to online catfishing or came. There’s more than one theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, so why not have more than one museum devoted to it as well? Most JFK buffs are familiar with the Sixth Floor Museum housed in the former Texas School Book Depository, which recounts all those boring “mainstream” details of the late president’s life leading up to his death at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald. But just down the street, the Conspiracy Museum offers fodder for those less apt to buy into The Man’s propaganda. For the most part, the museum specializes in showings of the Zapruder film and explanations of contrary assassination theories, including other gunmen on the grassy knoll and possible mafia involvement.

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Every bit of vitality of the people they shall be able to preserve shall go to strengthen the life of the country for whatever it is worth. Only by doing so can the danger be averted and Heaven moved by our sincerity. The days of treachery and double-dealing and cowardly revenge were indeed passing away and the new regime was committed to decency and fairplay. The task of the new President was no mean one, and in all the circumstances if he managed to steer a safe middle course and avoid both Caesarism and complete effacement, that is a tribute to his training. Born in 1864 in Hupeh, one of the most important mid-Yangtsze provinces, President Li Yuan-hung was now fifty-two years old, and in the prime of life; but although he had been accustomed to a military atmosphere from his earliest youth his policy had never been militaristic. His father having been in command of a force in North China for many years, rising from the ranks to the post of tsan chiang (Lieutenant-Colonel), had been constrained to give him the advantage of a thoroughly modern training.

Nevertheless the words spoken had sunk in deep, for the simple and excellent reason that ever since the coup d’etat of the 4th November, 1913, the necessity of “consolidating” his position by something more permanent than a display of armed force had been a daily subject of conversation in the bosom of his family. The problem, as this misguided man saw it, was simply by means of an unrivalled display of cunning to profit by the Japanese suggestion, and at the same time to leave the Japanese in the lurch. A shiver of impotent rage passed over the country when the nature and acceptance of the Japanese Ultimatum became generally known. The Chinese, always an emotional people responding with quasi-feminine volubility to oppressive acts, cried aloud at the ignominy of the diplomacy which had so cruelly crucified them. One and all declared that the day of shame which had been so harshly imposed upon them would never be forgotten and that Japan would indeed pay bitterly for her policy of extortion. The foregoing fifteen articles have been discussed several times between the two parties and signed by them in February.