There are 15 campaigns, each unlocking as you complete the previous one. Campaigns are basically your main source of gold and where your stats will be used the most. Though, rather than you fighting, you’re supporting Hugh like the good squire you are. As Hugh is only set on attacking, you’re tasked with making sure he doesn’t get his butt kicked.

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If you want Hugh to go a turn without damage, taunt your enemy and take it instead. When you two, but mostly Hugh, are in need of some health, it’s your responsibility to heal. Since Hugh doesn’t pick it up himself, it’s also up to you to loot the gold. If you are dedicated to maxing out your stats so you can survive longer you’ll eventually be able to limit break an action, which is the more powerful version. So doing a limit break heal will heal you two more and give regen for a couple turns.

While I wish it had more of a heavier lewdness factor overall, it’s still a great game to play! Given the country of origin of development, I can understand it just isn’t possible with legality issues in Philippines. It’s definitely not your average ecchi or hentai game, as it has a lot of really good gameplay to accompany it. It isn’t just pornography with a wrapper of words or puzzles to solve. It’s a pretty damn good game at its core, and I made a good choice giving this game a try!

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In this romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim with a touch of old-school RPG combat. You’re just a lazy farmboy in Caerulia that dreamed of becoming a knight since you were little. A knight named Hugh decided to take you as his squire and this is your glorious debut. Yep, couldn’t have picked a better time to become a squire. You see, there is a horde of barbarians named the Gegners that are dead set on destroying everything in their sight. With this massive threat, Caerulia actually forges an alliance with another kingdom called Alkosi despite their troubled history.

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Each have their own unique ambitions, backstories,plots, and dirty little secrets for you to uncover. @BloodNinja I don’t think every game needs to have the same opinions, and I’m not sure I’d have personally Spicer App thought to include it as a con. But an open dating Sim type game if you took just one datable NPC and gender swapped them then at least you’re giving people a different kind of route to play through.

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Get those romance points high enough and they’ll open up in more ways than one. Forge Relationships -Amp up your squirely charm by giving gifts and whispering sweet nothings to your waifu. Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim with a touch of old-school RPG combat. But before all that, there are battles to be won first. As a squire, the player must keep their knight alive in turn-based battle. Through monster encounters, the squire must heal, loot, and find other ways to win a battle.

It’s an interesting take on combat and does provide some strategic challenges, though all those challenges can be overcome by simply upping your stats. Originally developed for PC by Yangyang Mobile back in 2019, Love Esquire is the tale of a lowly squire who is desperate to lose his virginity by the time he is shipped off to war. He has four months to go from being a weird loser to a weird loser with a girlfriend.

First of all, you’ll have to build up your relationship points with the one you want to go for and to do that, you have several ways. Each day, you’ll be able to talk to them about a certain topic and gift them an item with the more they like it the more points you’ll get. Their arc scenes, which becomes available as you increase your relationship level, gives out the most points as you’re going through their story and being there for them. The arc scenes in particular also determines which ending you’ll get depending on which dialogue choice you choose in certain scenes.

As is often the case in these games, there are exactly five eligible ‘bachelorettes’ in the whole city for him to choose from, each with their own gift preferences, schedules, and story to explore. Captured on Nintendo Switch Visual novels and dating sims used to be hard to come by here in the West, especially on consoles. However, the Switch, with its portability and vibrant screen, has enjoyed a wealth of games in these genres over the years. One of the latest to make its way to the console is Love Esquire from publisher Mama Morin.