It was believed to be the earliest folding knife in history. Case has changed hands several times in the last three decades and has had ups and downs, not only in finances, but in quality. After 1980, Case took the dotted system to the knives that they made between 1980 – 1990, but they varied the design of the company logo so that we could tell it apart.

So, even if it is beat, it can have some value but perhaps not as much as you might think. Form a conclusion through the date that is indicated by the knife’s tang stamp. This is because most marks include dates that are relevant to specific patterns or years in which they were made following the manufacturer’s numbering system. Case knife production has a rich history that is viewed by many as an American tradition. The company was originally founded in 1889 and the first Case knives were made just one year later, which makes it seem like this brand of blades has always been around. In 2000, Case developed a dating system using an old style Case XX stamp along with a mix of dots and x’s both above the Case XX symbol and below.

Firearms – knives; a complete listing for a prolific pocket knives produced over the time 1236 walden knife, kitchen knife co. Many people collect Case knives as a hobby. This practice arose from the unique tang stamp dating systems employed by the company beginning in the late 19th century.

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Dating hammer brand knives

There is an embargo on stag handles which prevents most manufacturers from using such bone material but that has not stopped Case from using bone from other sources. PS The confusing part of the model above is that some Case Kodiak knives came between 1965 – 1970 also. Those have no dots on the tang, which is consistent with a 1980 Kodiak. Follow the other instructions on this guide to estimate a specific year if faced with such a scenario.

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Beginning in 1990, Case replaced the dating system with a stamp that imprinted the actual date on the knife tang. This was not as popular with collectors, so Case changed back to the dot dating system in the middle of 1993. R. Case & Sons, there have been many different stamps used on its knives.

On Case & Sons knives, numerous different stamps have been used. These stamps may be found on the master blade’s tang and can be used to determine when the knife was made. The most prevalent stamps and the years they were used are shown below, along with a picture of where the stamp is placed.

Vintage Case Jack Amber Delrin 8K

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Rare california silver guard, low to low date code. Old date code hand than so is probably best in a. Knife is rock solid and knife-wielding brawler. The Case tested XX 5275S folding knife is also one of the super rare Case knives. The handle is made up of genuine stag, and the knife is 4 1/8 inches long closed and 7 3/8 inches open.