Word Embeddings and Semantic Spaces in Natural Language Processing

The classes using the organizational role cluster of semantic predicates, showing the Classic VN vs. VN-GL representations. We have organized the predicate inventory into a series of taxonomies and clusters according to shared aspectual behavior and semantics. These structures allow us to demonstrate external relationships between predicates, such as granularity and valency differences, and in […]

An Introduction to Machine Learning

Many factors contribute to a student’s success, and navigating the education system can be difficult — especially for first-time college students. One use case for machine learning in education is identifying and assisting at-risk students. Schools can use ML algorithms as an early warning system to identify struggling students, gauge their level of risk and […]

Comparing chatbots vs virtual assistants vs. conversational agents

We evaluated our research model in a controlled laboratory experiment with 116 participants. We conducted two pre-tests to train and evaluate our CA with objective and subjective measures (Shawar & Atwell, 2007). During the first pre-test, 16 participants interacted with the CA and noted everything that came to their mind.