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Journey of Insights

True Stories

Book By Mariam Aftab

Mariam Aftab, a healer active in the cause of reclaiming fellow human beings from misery and helplessness, persuades us to look into and understand a number of bruised souls. We meet a young man driven to suicide, another man becoming a creature of hate in his mad pursuit of money, an adolescent mistaking infatuation and pity for love and neglecting responsibility, children spoiled by love or neglect or parental expectations or forced diversion from aptitude, dependent women relishing their victimized status, a woman losing out to her husband’s mistress, and another whose love is answered with an acid-bath. All of these characters revive memories of what one has seen or heard about, except for the woman who rationalizes her duly solemnized marriage with two men. The first message Mariam Aftab delivers to her society is that all of us have to show a little concern for the multitude in distress.”


Featured Outlines of the Book:
Journey of Insights
  • Male Emotional Insight
  • Female Emotional Insight
  • Therapeutic Insight
  • Insight into Women’s Issues
  • Insight into Child Psychology
  • Social Insight

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