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Crystal Healing

The art of attunement to a crystal, to oneself, to another person, or to any aspect of life, is one of the most valuable tools that can be learnt. There are many ways that crystals and stones can be used for healing and consciousness rising. They will work whether or not you think or believe that they work. Just having them in your presence brings more beauty and light into your environment. As light is reflected through and off of the crystals energy is created that serves to neutralize any negative vibrations and raise the overall frequency to one of greater harmony.

Every crystal has its own property and energy. There are birth stones that come with the zodiac sign that are universal. At mariam healing center stones are given keeping in mind the issues of the people like fear, anxiety, protection of  evil eye, concentration, luck, positivity, financial gain, love and awakening of the third eye, etc. the stones are programmed for each individual. Directions are also given as how to take care of the stone and use it.

Crystal Catalogue

Introducing Crystal Healing Power Tiger's Eye Enhance Your Love Life

Green Jade
Green Jade: Stone For Fear

Amethyst: Strengthen the immune system and body metabolism and soothes the nervous system

Other Stones & Accessories

  • Rubellite
  • Azurite
  • Aquamarine
  • Chrome Diopside
    Chrome Diopside
  • Amber
  • Fluorite
  • Pyrope
  • Amethyst
  • Onyx
  • Korenerupine
  • Opal